2015 World Rankings

Open Skateboard
1 Kevin Reimer 4877
2 Jimmy Riha 4696
3 Nicolas Desmarais 4379
Women's Skateboard
1 Emily Pross 5261
2 Marie Bougourd 5037
3 Cassandra Duchesne 4894
Junior Skateboard
1 Edward Kiefer 4746
2 Alex Charleson 3611
3 Leo Sartor 3372
Street Luge
1 Mikel Echegaray Diez 3650
2 Kolby Parks 3393
3 Mike Paproski 2966
Classic Luge
1 Mikel Echegaray Diez 3300
2 Kolby Parks 3267
3 Chris McBride 2292

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The IDF Team Evolves

Kevin Reimer

The people behind the scenes at the IDF are always changing, and now is a good opportunity to publicly thank the people who put in their time and effort.

Kevin Reimer resigned from the IDF Board this spring after serving as Director for 2.5 years. Kevin's busy schedule meant he wasn't able to contribute as much as he wanted, and therefore he decided to step down to allow somebody else to take up a voting seat on the IDF Board. We'd like to thank Kevin for helping establish the IDF, for his 2.5 years of service and for all he and his family continues to do for downhill racing.…


Posted by Unkle on August 18, 2015 at 8:01

Kozakov 2015 Final Day

The day started with some rain at 9 o'clock, so we waited a bit until the road dried up. We did one warm up run, but it started to drizzle again, leaving the road patchy at some points. We waited until it was dry again and sent the second warm up down.

Again there was some drizzle coming down. For the safety of the riders, the organisation then decided to shorten the track, to make sure we could do a safe race. This took some time, because we had to move the start line down and the finish line up (and thus no more wifi for updates).

When this was done, the sun came out and we started the race on a completely dry track. We started with warm ups for every one to get used to the new track and after that it was on.

Open did their first round, together with classic luge. Since there were only 16 classic riders, it only took 3 rounds, after which Mikel Echegaray-Diez came out on top, which surprised no one. He probably sold his soul to the devil, because his…


Posted by Beee on July 27, 2015 at 20:30

Kozakov 2015 qualifying day

Today was the first day of racing, timed racing that is. Riders were doing solo runs, to get a qualifying time, which determines their position in the final brackets. Due to the fact we have a total of 198 (!) riders in open, we will have 3 brackets, A, B and C. That means 14 riders didn't make the cut, which meant people actually had to ride hard to make it into a bracket.

The day started with a bit of clouds, but shortly after 9, we did the first run. As always the first one (often) takes the longest, so when we had the rhythm down, things went smoother and runs went faster.

The screen went up so riders could see their own quali times which made them only want to go faster. As the runs progressed, faster times were set. Everyone tried to shave of seconds to get a better time.

This track is without a doubt, the most gnarly (race) track of Europe, which often takes quite a few casualties. Luckily this year that was not the case and we only had…


Posted by Beee on July 23, 2015 at 23:00

TMI Lillehammer Day 3

The day started early, like both days before, with the shuttle going up the hill at 8.15 for the start of the first runs. We started with a warm-up run for the 64-man B bracket with 53 riders.

These 53 riders were gunning for the final 4 places in the A bracket. Luckily we didn't have any crashes or delays, so we 'shot' through them pretty quickly and in the end, these final 4 were:

  • Justin Rouleaux
  • Ludwig Falstrom
  • Dyna Banks
  • Garret Creamer

Big respect goes out to Justin Rouleaux who was actually a bit disappointed he was in the B bracket. He managed to survive the entire B bracket and the first round of the A bracket before being eliminated in round 2. And all this, with a broken kneecap. Now that's dedication. If it was wise is another thing, but lots of respect for him.

We finished early so we had a longer lunch break. At 2 we re-grouped on the hill for the A bracket. Before the warmup run we…


Posted by Beee on July 13, 2015 at 1:00

TMI Lillyhammer day 2

Today was qualifying day in Norway; timed qualifying that is. The system was tested the day before and all signs were good to go. Riders gathered on the hill at 9:00 for a warm-up run and then race down on an empty track with a transponder around their ankle.

We had some minor hiccups, but nothing serious (which had a lot of impact on the riders). Kevin Reimer set the quickest time with 1:42.705 in the morning, so in the afternoon session riders were keen on trying to beat Kevin's time, but most of them weren't up to it.

Dillon Stephens however did manage to beat Reimer in the 2nd run, setting a run of 1:42.185, shaving of about half a second of Kevin's time. After that you could see him hanging around the monitor, looking if someone would beat that time, but no one did, until the final run, where things got really intense and exciting.

Querin Ilmer was on fire here (as he was in Spain last week), riding 1:42's and 1:43's every run so he got very close. It…


Posted by Beee on July 13, 2015 at 0:59

Lillyhammer Qualification Times

A complete report will come later but in the meantime here are the qualifying times:

Posted by Cyrille Harnay on July 12, 2015 at 0:00

TMI Lillehammer World Cup - Day 1

The day started early for the riders in Lillehammer. The busses went up at 8.15 because the first run was scheduled at 8.30 (already). Most riders made it up in time, so we started right away with sending riders down the hill.

The weather was cold, real cold, since the wind was blowing hard... but after lunch, the sun came out and spread some warmth among the riders, which was welcomed by all.

Due to a smooth organization on the top riders had the chance to do 13 runs in total and while riders were bombing down, the timing system was set up and tested well.

Riders were having fun on the hill, doing pack runs, cam runs and even some follow runs (with a car), but the hill took some casualties today; Byron Essert and Emil Olsson crashed and took themselves out and they (probably) won't be riding tomorrow.

This is what Jimmy Riha had to say about the track: "The pavement on the hill is smooth, with a nice slide surface.…


Posted by Beee on July 11, 2015 at 0:00 — 3 Comments

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