2014 World Rankings

Open Skateboard
1 Patrick Switzer 5477
2 Kevin Reimer 5151
3 Byron Essert 4743
Women's Skateboard
1 Tamara Prader 5325
2 Elena Corrigall 4943
3 Magaly Mcwhinnie 3279
Junior Skateboard
1 Connor Ferguson 3883
2 Harry Clarke 3215
3 Johannes Aalholm 2996
Street Luge
1 Mikel Echegaray Diez 3961
2 David Dean 3462
3 Darius Escandar 3391
Classic Luge
1 Mikel Echegaray Diez 3000
2 Rafael Fazano 2466
3 Jan Tarradas 1923

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News Stories

Peyragudes Never Dies 2014 - day 3 & 4

Day 3 at Peyragudes was scheduled for repechage, in this case bracket B and in the afternoon the French Championships. Bracket B was seeded through the timed qualification, which was done the day before. Riders who qualified 61 and up had to start and we're riding for those last 4 spots in bracket A.

The day started around 10 with a dry track, which is always important for the safety of riders, especially on a track like this. The first heats started and the bracket went smoothly without any big delays. Riders raced each other until there were only 4 left. These 4 were; Rasmus Klintrot, Radek Lucas, Zac Italiano and Jorund Bratset.

After lunch the French riders were up to race open, women, juniors, classic and street luge for the French championship (non-IDF). The number of riders…


Posted by Beee on August 14, 2014 at 13:07

Peyragudes Never Dies 2014 - day 1 & 2

Peyragudes Never Dies in the Pyrenees, is a 4 day event, situated at approx. 1700 m. Its name comes from the James Bond movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies', of which the opening scene was shot on the airfield next to the track (click here to see the scene).

The first day was freeriding for everyone, see how the track felt like, since there were a lot of patches/touchups, which influenced the lines to take. The last corner which was added on freeride day didn't make it into the planned race, because of 2 reasons; 1) it wasn't considered safe to race that corner after a 100 kph straight and 2) a mountain blocked the timing signal. So the finish line was moved back up to the place where it was last year before…


Posted by Cyrille Harnay on August 8, 2014 at 22:59 — 1 Comment

Kozakov 2014 - Finals day

Sebastian Hertler and Micah Green. Pic courtesy of Karen Burke Green

To give the partying riders/visitors at least a bit to recover, the day would start at 11:00 with a freeride for all, followed by 2 warm up runs for the riders and then it was for real, with bracket A from open, women, juniors, street and classic luge.

The skill level of the juniors keeps on rising. This year 5 juniors made it into the a bracket, Gustav Funck Norhall, Philipp Schickor, Johannes Aalholm and Connor Ferguson by time qualifying and Harry Clarke by advancing from bracket B. Elena Corrigall was the only women who was able to get into bracket A, by advancing from bracket B. Unfortunately neither Elena or one of the juniors but Connor were able to survive the first round.…


Posted by Cyrille Harnay on July 30, 2014 at 22:00

Kozakov 2014 - Day 4

The friday at Kozakov was repechage day, also known as bracket B and C. The 4 winners of every bracket, moved up to the next. So this was a race for the final four spots in the A bracket. The day started out with a thick wet fog, which made the track all wet. After almost 2 hours of waiting for the sun to come out, the track became a bit more dry and some volunteering riders were sent down the track to inspect it while riding.

Their report was; it's patchy but doable, so the riders for the C bracket were gathered. It seems a lot of them partied hard the night before already because there were a lot of riders who weren't showing, so there where many DNS's (Did Not Start), even a complete heat of riders not showing. The bracket went smoothly and in the end there were 4 riders left standing;

  • Christopher Ehret
  • Ronald Huhne
  • David Fabek
  • Prokop Daniel

They moved into bracket B.

After the final there was some time for…


Posted by Cyrille Harnay on July 26, 2014 at 8:30

Kozakov 2014 - Day 1-3

It looked like the sky had cracked open, because there was so much rain coming down the evening/night before the start of Kozakov 2014, but miraculously it stopped raining as quickly as it had started and on the morning of the freeride day, the weather was sunny and the road had all dried up. It was on (at least for those who had registered for an extra day). The whole day the nice weather continued and at least 14 runs were done in superb conditions.

Day 2 was the first day where all riders would be attending, if they didn't decide to skip runs. It was the first open training/freeride day and again the weather was in tiptop condition. No serious crashes happened during the first 2 days, so hay bales were saved (which was a serious problem in 2013) and skin was kept...

Day 3 was qualification day. Thanks to the people at TAG Heuer/Chronolec, we had a fully working system again, but before we could use it properly, we had to wait for the weather to…


Posted by Cyrille Harnay on July 25, 2014 at 20:30

Croft Pink Douro Downhill 2014 is cancelled

We are sad to announce that Croft Pink DOURO Downhill WQS race is cancelled.

This is the words from Nuno Pereira, organizer of the event :

"We are very sorry to annouce Croft Pink Douro downhill 2014 has to be cancelled, In the last weeks we tried everything, we even consider the possibility to pay a lot of riders to come to the race, so we could make the event, and show everyone our work, unfortunately we couldnt find a solution and it has to be canceled, The course goes trough some of the most important and busy streets in Gaia, we made an huge effort to get the city council to close this roads, because we thought it was important and we think that organizing a race in the middle of this city would grow the sport in Portugal and could open the…


Posted by Cyrille Harnay on July 24, 2014 at 22:34 — 1 Comment

Almabtrieb - Day 4

Almabtrieb 2014 is over and man what an event this was. Yesterday was the final day and the heats in the A bracket were stacked as hell. Every run had big names in it, so it was very exciting and anybody's guess to see who got knocked out in the first round and who stayed in.

Just to name a few riders, who got knocked out in the first round; Kyle Wester, 2013 Winner Matze Ebel, Erik Lundberg and Calvin Staub. See the whole list of riders on our Facebook post here. The level was very high and riders were really challenging each other to go big. 

The finishes were really close as you can see on the photo below, which shows (from left to right) Zak Maytum (USA), Rob McWhinnie (AUS) and Deen Mondt (NL).…


Posted by Cyrille Harnay on July 20, 2014 at 9:30

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